14,000 people, few cans as Pune’s Uruli Devachi struggles for water | Pune News – Times of India


PUNE: Daily, around 7. 30am, over 14,000 residents of Uruli Devachi gather for their most important battle of the day — getting a few cans of water.
As the sun rises, water tankers start their operations with residents watching them hawk-eyed, trying to figure out if one is coming to their neighbourhood.
As the allotted tanker turns up, screams of “tanker aala!” (tanker is here!) erupt and within minutes, the vehicle is engulfed by a mob. It’s a worrying illustration of what awaits Pune if measures to save water fail.
“Our entire schedule depends on these tankers. It is very frustrating. If the tanker is not on time, or if my family is unable to fill an adequate number of buckets, I will be late for work,” says IT engineer Mithun Shilimkar, as squeezes himself out of the crowd and starts to rush home with two cans of water.
Uruli Devachi was merged into PMC limits in 2017.
However, residents have been demanding a separation once again, citing a lack of basic facilities despite paying property tax for years. Now, the area finally stands to be excluded and is set to get a separatemunicipal council soon. All hopes are pinned on shaking off the crushing water shortage.
One official from the Pune Municipal Corporation said: “We get residents here regular water supply via tankers. A long-term solution to the water shortage depends on how things work out after the formation of their new council. ”

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