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BENGALURU: Three boys and a young woman from Indonesia suffering from cardiovascular complexities got a fresh lease of life in Bengaluru, after doctors back home weren’t confident to operate on them fearing the worst. Having successfully undergone heart surgeries at Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research, Bannerghatta Road, they returned home hail and hearty.
William Bunda Jaya, 3, Osvaldo Lee, 5, Marcello Arka Sean, 3, and Indah Pratiwi Tanjung, 28, from the outskirts of Medhan in North Sumatra province of Indonesia, saw days of uncertainty, especially during the pandemic. With doctors in their province giving up on their conditions, Indonesian Rotary turned their saviour. “The Indonesian chapter contacted Bangalore Rotary International about the medical conditions of the four, mainly the little boys, and their files were brought to our attention,” recalled Dr CN Manjunath, director of Jayadeva hospital.
Dr Manjunath and his team of heart specialists examined the medical files and concluded that the boys and the young woman needed immediate surgeries that were challenging. “We believe the place they belong to didn’t have adequate medical infrastructure to carry out such complex heart procedures and moreover, all four came from very poor backgrounds and couldn’t afford advanced treatment,” Dr Manjunath added. With all hurdles, including hospital admissions and visa procedures cleared, the four Indonesians landed in Bengaluru in mid-July and were admitted to Jayadeva on July 21. A team led by Dr PS Seetharama Bhat, Dr Divya, Dr Jayaranganath and Dr Prabhakar performed surgeries on all four patients in the next few days and they began to recover.
Jayadeva hospital conducts over 4,000 heart surgeries at its centres in Bengaluru and rest of Karnataka per year, and close to 800 of them are on children. Nearly 30 such patients are from other countries.


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