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PUNE: One of the most significant and oldest museums located in the heart of Pune city is the Tribal Research and Training Institute (TRTI). More commonly known as the Tribal Museum, it is an establishment that is devoted to preserving and promoting the rich tribal cultural legacy of Maharashtra.
It features a significant collection of items from diverse tribal populations across the state, including masks, costumes, hand-woven fabrics, time-honoured weaponry and musical instruments. The intricate textiles, jewellery and handicrafts on show are quite spectacular, inculcating a sense of pride and connection.
Thorough information is placed alongside each exhibit, making the viewing experience both informative and enriching, and providing visitors with a valuable insight into the tribal way of life.
With this display of treasures, the museum seeks to enhance awareness of a varied cultural history, while showcasing distinctive traditions and lifestyles of each group. In fact, even the architecture of the building is influenced by traditional tribal design. Pune’s Tribal Museum also operates as a training and research centre for tribal development, in addition to being a place to showcase antiquities.
A large selection of books, academic papers, and other publications on tribal history, rituals and progress can also be found in its research library. TRTI offers training and capacity-building programmes to members of tribal communities in an effort to provide them the information and skills needed to protect and promote their heritage
The tribal museum is a prominent organisation to encourage the safeguarding of tribal cultures. It provides a platform for studying and appreciating the unique customs of many tribes and acts as a reminder of the vast cultural diversity that exists in the state and the nation.

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