Delhi has administered nearly 29 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines in the year since India kicked off its massive Covid-19 immunisation programme, showed data from the Centre’s CoWin dashboard.

Till January 15, Delhi administered a total of 28,539,313 doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Nearly 16.5 million people in Delhi have taken the first shot, and nearly 12 million have received both.

On Saturday, the city administered 165,431 vaccination shots, according to government data.

The nationwide immunisation programme kicked off on January 16 last year. Since then, all 15 million adults in Delhi have taken at least one vaccine shot, and over half the roughly one million children aged between 15 and 17 have got their first dose.

The number of first doses administered in Delhi according to the CoWin dashboard is higher than the city’s adult population likely because a large number of residents of cities in the National Capital Region (NCR) may have been vaccinated in the Capital.

Senior health department government officials said the government is making good progress in immunising teenagers between ages 15 and 17 and precautionary doses for senior citizens, health care workers and frontline workers.

“We are also now encouraging more people to come and get themselves vaccinated if they have not already,” said a senior health official.

The official also said that the government is now expanding its efforts to get people fully immunised in light of the ongoing fifth wave of Covid-19, which has expanded its footprint in Delhi in recent days.

Further, recent analyses of Covid-19 deaths in Delhi by the government have established the effectiveness of vaccinations at preventing death and severe disease.

According to government data, of the 97 people who died of Covid-19 in the city between January 9 and 12, 70 were unvaccinated, while 19 had taken the first jab. Just eight of them were fully vaccinated. Besides seven were minors.

“The data, especially during this wave, has proved the effectiveness of vaccinations. While those who are fully vaccinated are getting infected, we are seeing that the symptoms in such patients are milder and the need for hospitalisations is rare,” another Delhi government official said.

In Delhi vaccines are currently being administered at 1,587 government and private.

Experts said that the severity of cases and hospitalisation in Delhi are relatively lower because of the city’s high vaccination numbers.

“The vaccination rate is reasonably high in Delhi and so is the sero-positivity. The cases are high but the fall is also expected to be rapid,” said Dr Suneela Garg professor of excellence (community medicine) member of the Lancet Commission Covid India Task Force.

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