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Aaftab Poonawala had sex with another woman in Mehrauli flat days after murdering Shraddha Walkar

Aaftab Poonawala with Shraddha Walkar.

New Delhi: In yet another chilling detail of the Mehrauli murder case, Aaftaab Poonawala, accused of murdering his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar, brought another woman to the same flat where the crime took place on May 18. He remained in a relationship with another woman and kept working in a Gurugram call center for months, showing how calm and composed he remained after chopping the woman he loved into 35 pieces.

According to sources, Aaftab had sex with the woman just days after murdering Shraddha Walkar. It is being investigated if the woman was privy to the information that he had killed Walkar. The police are also establishing the identity of the woman, sources said. 

Aaftab had allegedly cleaned the house where the crime took place with a special chemical. He had done to avoid detection in possible DNA analysis. 

The man had reportedly taken inspiration from the on-screen serial killer Dexter.

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