AAP MLAs hit out at LG over poor law and order in Delhi



Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) legislators on Thursday demanded capital punishment for the accused in the Sultanpuri hit-and-drag case during a discussion over the allegedly deteriorating law and order situation in the capital.

The assembly also discussed in detail the Sultanpuri case in which a 20-year-old woman was hit by a car and then dragged underneath the vehicle for over 14 kilometres on January 1, leading to grievous wounds and her death.

The legislators also slammed the lieutenant governor over what they desribed as rising crime rate in Delhi. According to the Constitution, law and order in Delhi comes under the LG.

The short duration discussion on was initiated by Madan Lal, AAP MLA from Kasturba Nagar. Legislators Durgesh Pathak, Rituraj Govind, Jarnail Singh and others participated in the discussion. Environment minister Gopal Rai concluded the deliberations, saying that the powers of the elected government in Delhi have been compromised.

“The Delhi police remained a mute spectator and even tried to protect the accused of the Kanjhawla hit-and-drag case and the home ministry was forced to move only after people raised their voice,” Rai said.

Legislator Madan Lal said, “All efforts are being made to hamper the functioning of the AAP government. On other hand, the LG is not handling the police properly. The culprits in the Sultanpuri case should be given capital punishment.”

The LG office and the Delhi Police did not comment on the allegations made in the House.

In his comments, Rai said, “Tushar Mehta (solicitor general) has stated in the Supreme Court that power in the capital cannot be handed over to total anarchy. The police was forced to lodge a case under 302 (of murder). In such a situation who is creating anarchy in Delhi. The CM who installed CCTV cameras in the city is creating anarchy or the LG who is working hard to protect the BJP leaders (in Kanjhawla case). The CM who is providing healthcare services in mohalla clinics is creating anarchy or those who tried to sabotage the mohalla clinics are creating anarchy by stopping salaries of employees of mohalla clinics.”

Rai said the MLAs have to go to the court of people as they are answerable to the people. “LG is not answerable to the people. Delhi needs a systematic change. If the LG has the gut then he should answer why he did not meet the victim’s mother and extend his support to her. LG got the posters of CM removed from a public event recently. Who is creating anarchy? We will fight for women safety and other issues,” Rai said.

AAP MLA Durgesh Pathak argued that since the elected government is answerable to the people, the Delhi Police and the bureaucrats should be brought under the control of the elected government of Delhi. “Under the currently prevailing system (of governance) no justice can be expected,” Pathak said.

Rituraj Govind said law and order situation worsening in Delhi, and to ensure that Khanjhawla incident is not repeated again the accountability of the Delhi police should be fixed. “If the central government is worried about the law-and-order situation in New Delhi (Lutyens Delhi), then there should be a separate NDMC police and the law and order in the rest of the capital should be under elected government,” said Rituraj.

The assembly also discussed the addition to drugs among youth in the capital. AAP MLA Rajendra Pal Gautam said the addition to drugs was growing among youth and it was pushing the future of youth in the dark. “I have writen about it to the LG and the Delhi Police on the issue but nothing happened,” Gautam said.

Social welfare minister Raaj Kumar Anand claimed that the BJP led central government and the LG have failed to ensure law and order in Delhi. “Delhi has multiple times more juvenile crimes as compared to other parts of the country. Drugs is one of the main causes behind. If law and order is placed under the preview of the elected government of Delhi, the AAP government will ensure good law and order condition in the capital,” said Anand.

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