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Abhishek Bachchan shuts down troll who called him ‘unemployed,’ says ‘you are not…’

Abhishek Bachchan is not just only an ace performer on screen, but he is quite an expert in dealing with negativity as well. When it comes to online trolling, you better not mess with Dasvi star, as he knows how to give it back. 

The Sarkar star shared his opinion on a post shared by a journalist who said, “Happy Dhanteras!! How many pages did you have to flip to get to the news today? Can you tell the main page from the supplement(s)? How many front pages does your newspaper have?  Do Diwali sale ads influence your buying decisions? (Asking for a friend).” 

AB Jr replied to the post by asking a valid question, “Do people still read newspapers?” An over-smart netizen tried to mock the actor by calling him ‘unemployed’ and added, “Intelligent people do. Not unemployed people like you.” The user might feel victorious by pinning him down.

But, Jr Bachchan came back with his vengeance, and shut the naysayer by adding, “Oh, I see! Thank you for that input. By the way, intelligence and employment aren’t related. Take you for example. I’m sure you’re employed, I’m also sure (judging by your tweet) that you’re not intelligent!” 

Check out Abhishek Bachchan’s tweet

In the latest episode of Navya Naveli’s podcast, What The Hell Navya, even guests Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Nanda talk about trolls. Shweta panned the naysayers as ‘disgusting’ and also opened up about her younger brother Abhishek getting targeted and compared with Amitabh Bachchan. 

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While emphasising on this Shweta called trolling ‘nasty’ and said, “They attack him all the time and it’s really upsetting for your family member, that really boils my blood. I don’t like when they do it to him because, you know what, it’s not fair…you don’t do that! Just…I don’t wanna discuss it. That really bugs me maybe because he is my younger brother and I am all protective.”

Shweta further added that she doesn’t feel offended when her father Amitabh is trolled, but she gets affected when trolls mock Abhishek “I don’t feel it for Nana (Amitabh Bachchan)…because Nana is…but I feel it for Mamu (Abhishek Bachchan) because he is constantly compared to something which is incomparable. It is like you are comparing someone to something, that is larger than anything. how do you expect anyone to match up? that cannot be your whole life. You have to have the success that is not measured always, right?” On the work front, Abhishek will next be seen Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2. 


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