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Amazon is opening a hair salon in London. But no, it is not a new business model that the company is exploring. It is looking to test AR (augmented reality) technology that will allow customers to check how different hair styles will look on them. According to a report by The Verge, this includes an AR app that lets customers see what different hairstyles and colors look like on them before they decide on a change.
The salon is simply named Amazon Salon and is situated in London’s East End Spitalfields area. The Amazon Salon occupies two floors, covering more than 1,500 square feet area where the tech giant plans to test out “the latest industry technology, from augmented reality (AR) hair consultations to point-and-learn technology.” The hair care and styling services at the salon will be provided by Elena Lavagni, owner of Neville Hair & Beauty salon, London, said Amazon in a blog post.
Each styling station will reportedly be equipped with an Amazon Fire tablet for entertainment purposes. With the help of the point-and-learn technology, customers will be able to point at a product they would like to buy. Purchases can be made with the help of QR codes on the products.
As for the purpose of the store, analysts see it as a marketing stunt that signals the company’s ambitions in the fashion and beauty sectors. These are the sectors where Amazon has so far struggled to make in-roads against specialist stores.
Amazon says that the salon “will offer a full range of hairdressing services for adults and children”. The Amazon Salon will initially be open only for Amazon employees. It will open for the general public “in the coming weeks.”

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