‘Anjali was drunk, men knew she was getting dragged’: Victim’s friend Nidhi narrates Delhi Kanjhawala incident ordeal


After the horrific incident which led to a woman being dragged to death under a car in the Delhi Kanjhawala area on January 1, the victim’s friend Nidhi spoke to reporters and narrated the ordeal of the alleged accident, saying that the victim Anjali was under the influence of alcohol.

Nidhi, who was with Anjali on the scooty at the time of the accident, said that the Maruti Baleno, which had all the accused inside, hit their vehicle head on and the victim got trapped under the car. She said that the car ran over her and then dragged her underneath the car.

“After the car hit us, I fell to one side. My friend got stuck in the car. Men knew that the girl had stuck under their car, still, they deliberately kept dragging her,” she said in an interview with ANI.

While speaking to ANI, the eyewitness, said, “She was in a drunken state but insisted on driving the two-wheeler. After being hit by the car, she came under the car and got dragged with it. I was scared and went away and returned home, didn’t tell anything to anyone.”

Nidhi said that Anjali was at fault for driving the vehicle while she was under the influence of alcohol. While speaking to ANI, she said, “It is the fault of the girl who was driving in an inebriated state. I insisted to her so much that don’t drive, I am conscious, let me drive. She didn`t believe me and believed herself.”

Before the horrific accident of the victim, both she and her friend Nidhi had gotten into a fight outside the hotel in which they were reportedly attending a party, according to the manager of the establishment.

“Both of them were arguing. When I told them not to fight, they went downstairs and started fighting, after which both of them went on a scooty,” the hotel manager said. The Special Commissioner while addressing the media said that another girl was present with the victim at the time of the accident. However, she walked away after the incident.

(With ANI inputs)

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