Apple Tracking iOS Users Via App Store Since 2021: Report


Last Updated: November 09, 2022, 14:07 IST

App store facing new questions about user privacy

Apple has been changing its stance regarding ads for users and this new report suggests its privacy focus might have differed as well.

Apple has always been advocating for privacy but even then the company seems to taken log of its users through the App Store over the past few years.

That’s right, a team of security researchers have claimed that Apple has been received detailed logs from the App Store which gives the company data about how its users interact with the app on the App Store. The experts claim this tracking has been going on since the iOS 14.6 version that was released in May last year.

Tech companies have been allegedly tracking their users, and apps become a vital source of this process for them. The report mentions that Apple was able to monitor every movement or activity that an iPhone user was doing since all the apps are downloaded via the App Store.

Interestingly, the researchers claim Apple gets the logs in a JSON file from the App Store that too in real time. The files include the IDs of users that access the App Store to download apps and other activities.

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Apple has made sweeping changes for ads through the recent iOS versions, but these experts say the new rules can raise privacy concerns for the users. The likes of Meta have been affected by the new ad rules from Apple, which at the other end has managed to offer more ads on the App Store for its users.

While the problems mentioned here are related to iOS 14.6, the researchers are unable to suggest that the later iOS versions, especially the iOS 16 version are also tracking data from the App Store in the same manner.

Apple’s increased focus on advertising while continuing to champion privacy seems like a strategy that looks to keep the users and the business folks happy at the ame time. But even then, most people would say that iOS still offers better privacy than Android, which has definitely become more robust in the past few years.

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