‘Asked for my death to…’: Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife says day before his release


‘Asked for my death to…’: Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife says day before his release | Photo: Zee Media Bureau

A day before her husband’s expected discharge from jail, Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife, Navjot Kaur Sidhu, today shared a wholehearted tweet on social media. She claimed that she begged God for death out of rage, but that God abandoned her in between.

Taking to her Twitter, she wrote, “Affirmations are true: made by a sound mind or out of your senses. Navjot’s love for Punjab had driven him beyond the realm of any attachment. In a fit of anger, to teach him a lesson I asked for death. God’s grace was waiting but with a rider.” 

She further added, “I will give you what you have asked for but not against the will of Supreme Consciousness. So HE left me in between. Each person’s destiny and journey are different. We have no right to question it. The only person who needs correction is our own self. HIS WORLD: HIS LAWS.”


The news broke as Navjot Singh Sidhu announced on Twitter on Friday that he would be discharged from Patiala jail. “This is to inform everyone that Sardar Navjot Singh Sidhu will be released from Patiala Jail tomorrow. (As informed by the concerned authorities),: tweet from his official handle read.

According to the sources, Sidhu is being released from Patiala jail after 45 days due to his excellent behaviour. On the other hand, Navjot Kaur Sidhu reported her stage 2 invasive cancer diagnosis in a recent post on Twitter, a few days ago. In a case involving a road rage death from 1988, the Supreme Court convicted Sidhu to one year of hard labour in prison in May 2022. He has since been detained in Patiala Central Prison.

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