At 4.7°C, Chandigarh sees coldest February night since 2019


Even though the sun made a solid appearance on Saturday, much to the delight of residents, the night before was the coldest the city had experienced in February since 2019.

After the recent spell of rains, the minimum temperature went down from 9.3°C to 4.7°C in the past 24 hours, which was 1.9 degrees below normal and lowest since 4.5°C recorded on February 4, 2019, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

On the other hand, the maximum temperature saw a 6 degrees’ rise, going up from 13°C on Friday to 19°C on Saturday, but was still 2.4 notches below normal.

As per IMD, it was highest day temperature in Chandigarh since 19.9°C on January 30.

“Due to the rains and fog, the day temperature was already low, and after the sky cleared on the intervening night between Friday and Saturday, the temperature dropped further. It should start rising again in the coming days as spring approaches,” said Manmohan Singh, director, IMD, Chandigarh.

The minimum temperature on Friday night was lowest since 4.5°C recorded on February 4, 2019. (HT)

Meanwhile, a fresh western disturbance (WD) will affect the region from Sunday onwards. But as it is feeble, it may not have any effect on the city’s weather.

Another WD will approach the region on February 8 and 9, Singh said, however, it was still not clear whether it will bring along rain. Nonetheless, cloudy weather and a dip in the maximum temperature can be expected.

Over the next three days, the maximum temperature will remain in the 16°C-18°C range, while the minimum temperature will hover around 7°C.

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