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Electronic Arts has confirmed that a new Battlefield game is being developed specifically for the mobile platform. The game publisher also announced another Battlefield game for PC and consoles, with “the biggest Battlefield development team” on the job that includes Criterion and Dice. This was revealed in a blog post by Oskar Gabrielson, general manager, Dice.
Battlefield for mobile and tablets: Coming in 2022
EA has said that a standalone Battlefield game is being developed together by Industrial Toys and Dice and will launch in 2022 on mobile and tablets. It would be a totally new game built specifically for mobile and tablets. It is not a mobile port of any existing or upcoming Battlefield game. The developers said that the mobile game is now entering a testing phase and players can “expect a fully-fledged, skill-based experience.”
The new Battlefield for PC and consoles: Coming in 2021
EA also revealed that there is a second Battlefield game for PC and consoles that will be on an “epic scale” and will feature “all-out military warfare” with “massive battles”. Some of the other features promised are “game-changing destruction” and “crazy, unexpected moments.” The developers say that they are daily “polishing” and “balancing” the game and will reveal more details about the game soon. It will launch this year itself.

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