Bengaluru saw yet another uptick in Covid tally as it registered 615 cases of Karnataka’s 648 fresh infections on Wednesday. The Karnataka capital also recorded one death for the first time since June 5, the data released by the health department revealed.

Active cases in the state rose to 3,997, of which, 3,843 were from Bengaluru. The state government ramped up testing on Wednesday, conducting around 23,452 tests, while 18,883 tests were conducted on Tuesday. Despite the increased testing, Karnataka’s positivity rate declined to 2.76 per cent from Tuesday’s 3.15 per cent. 

At a glance:

Covid situation in Bengaluru as of June 15.(Yamini C S)

Bengaluru logged a positivity rate of a whooping 3 per cent, more than that of the state. 509 people recovered in the city out of 532 discharges across the state, and around 18,449 people were vaccinated on Wednesday in Bengaluru, compared to 16,729 on Tuesday.

The state’s health minister, Dr K Sudhakar, in a tweet announced new milestones achieved by the state government in their vaccination drive.

In a respite for the city, active clusters decreased from 25 to 23 as wards with less than 10 cases went down to 133 from the 140 yesterday. There were 143 wards with less than 10 cases in Bengaluru on Monday. The recovery rate was 98.84 per cent. Meanwhile, hospitalisations remained the same as Tuesday.

According to some reports 31 students from two schools have tested positive for Covid in the state capital, causing worry among parents. Calls are growing to close schools.

A Twitter user, Nayan Deshpande, urged the health minister of the state to close schools for nursery and kindergarten levels amid rising covid cases. “Sir, please stop nursery and kindergarten schools… They (Children) aren’t vaccinated and no one for sure can tell what impact this virus has on them for long term… Don’t play with innocent lives,” he wrote.

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