Bengaluru’s Kadugodi metro station suffers water leak after a mild rain. Video


Two months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a new metro line in Bengaluru, the Kadugodi metro station saw leakage of water from the roof, after a short spell of rain on Sunday evening. The visuals of rain water dropping on the floor from the roof of this newly inaugurated metro station went viral on social media, questioning the safety of metro users.

Bengaluru’s Kadugodi metro station suffers water leak after a mild rain.(Twitter/ Whitefield Rising)

The community group Whitefield Rising shared a video from inside the metro station where the entire floor was filled with rainwater, including the platforms. A tweet by the Whitefield Rising read, “It’s raining. Inside the Whitefield Kadugodi station.Imagine going down these stairs. A single misstep due to water – and there goes you.” The passengers who boarded and deboarded the metro at Kadugodi station had to walk through the wet floor due to the mild rain on Sunday evening. “Passengers getting off the train had to negotiate a wet platform and slippery staircase (with raindrops through the roof above) to exit the station. This was during today’s downpour. Passengers wonder what is in store for them during the forthcoming monsoon months,” read another tweet by the community group.

Earlier in April, The Nallurhalli metro station which is part Kadugodi – KR Pura metro linealso faced waterlogging and caused inconvenience to the public after a spell of rain. In March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the KR Pura – Kadugodimetro line and called it a result of their double engine government. The Congress party then claimed that the PM launched an unfinished metro line and said that it can endanger public life. Now with the new government in the state, the metro commuters are expecting a hassle-free journey, especially during upcoming monsoons.

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