‘Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan’: PM Modi launches scathing attack on Opposition unity



‘Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan’: PM Modi launches scathing attack on Opposition unity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a scathing attack against the Congress and other like-minded parties, stating that some political outfits have started a `Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan` under which all corrupt elements have joined hands.

Addressing a gathering after inaugurating a residential complex and auditorium of the BJP on Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg here, Modi said, “All the corrupt faces of India are now coming together on one stage. At a time when India is on the cusp of achieving great things, it is natural that anti-India forces inside and outside the country are coming together.”

“We have a strong foundation of Constitutional institutions. That’s why to stop India from progressing, such institutions are being attacked. Agencies are being attacked if they take action, questions are being raised on court rulings. Some parties have started a `Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan`,” the Prime Minister said.

Warning the Opposition, Modi said, “For the first time in seven decades, action is being taken against the corrupt. When actions are taken, some people will be upset. But the Opposition`s false allegations will not stop the drive against corruption.”

The Prime Minister also recalled the journey of the Jan Sangh and said, “The journey began with just two Lok Sabha seats which has now gone up to 303. BJP is the only pan-India party, from East to West and from North to South. The BJP gives opportunity to the youth to make progress.

“The country can never forget the black phase of 1984. The Congress got a historic mandate in that election, as it was an emotionally charged atmosphere. We were completely destroyed in that wave, but we weren’t demoralised, nor did we blame others.”

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