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Branches Of Pruned Trees Left By Roadside Pose Danger | Pune News – Times of India

Pruned trees’ branches on roadside pose threat to commuters

PUNE: Heaps of logs, uncut branches and dried leaves have been lying on both sides of the road leading to Turf Club from Exhibition Road. The poorly lit road with its uneven surface and potholes is dangerous for commuters. Vehicles turning left on the one-way here often skid and may end up crashing into the branches left carelessly by the roadside.
Shrinivas Vardha, who uses the road daily from Pune Cantonment to Fatimanagar, said, “The road is uneven and has no street lights. The garden waste and thick branches of trees have been lying around for days and anyone can crash into them on a bad day after skidding on the road.”
Chief executive officer of Pune Cantonment Board Subrat Pal said, “The responsibility of maintaining the land which belongs to private bungalows is with the respective owners. They have to ensure that the garden waste is cleared. When there is no response to the auction for the cut wood, it simply lies on the roadside. The Defence Estates Office is responsible for the auction. I will direct them to take action.”


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