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By Andrew Staton

Bruce Lee in Big Boss

Bruce Lee Kung Fu Monthly Returns

The Ultimate Retro Bruce Lee Magazine gets a make-over and relaunch for old and a new generation of Bruce Lee fans around the world. Kung-Fu Monthly is a name synonymous with Bruce Lee, not only in the United Kingdom but throughout the World. It is a legend in its own right and a brand immediately recognisable by not only the font but also the famous “flying man” logo, which is similar to the iconic picture of Bruce Lee doing a flying kick in his first Gung Fu movie “The Big Boss”

In February 2021, Carl Fox author of the Bruce Lee Society book, approached Dennis Publishing with an idea for a project that he had thought of doing for many years – scan, convert, edit and compile all seventy-nine issues of the iconic Kung-Fu Monthly magazine into a modern and more mature book format, in order to present it to a new audience, as well as preserve its place in history. It was the longest-running dedicated Bruce Lee magazine of its kind anywhere in the world (by frequency and circulation), and Carl wanted to pay homage to that.

Kung Fu Monthly Returns

Such was its success and popularity, that it was licensed throughout the world; in fourteen countries and in eleven languages. That doesn’t even take into consideration the non-official bootlegs which appeared in China and Turkey. Nothing has matched it before or since. It truly has stood the test of time and having done so, has reached legendary status.

Kung-Fu Monthly is a snapshot of a time long gone; a time which the original fans remember with fondness and a time which new fans will hopefully discover. The Kung-Fu Monthly Archive Series is dedicated to Felix Dennis and everyone associated with the magazine; not just the staff but also the fans, who would buy copies of the magazines in their millions over its lifetime and help to cement the publication’s place in British Pop Culture history.

Now for the first time ever and with permission from Dennis publishing, all issues of the poster magazine have been compiled and edited over three volumes as part of the Kung-Fu monthly archive series, along with all other publications from 1974-1984.

The first of these to be released Kung-Fu Monthly Archive series is the poster magazines volume one (colour hardback book) which covers magazine issues 1-26 including the scarce black and white trade dummy edition plus an in-depth illustrated history of the publication during the years of 1973 to 1979. The book is 484 pages long. However, this version of this book will not be available in stores.

Please note that the images used in this publiucation are taken from material over forty years old and the quality may be different to other modern publications.

You can pre order the book HERE

Release date: 3rd June 2022. All orders will begin shipping the following week.

Exclusive Kung Fu Monthly Archive Series Book Launch

Exclusive to attendees of the UK martial arts show at the Doncaster Dome 7th/ 8th May 2022 can collect their copies of this first Archive book over the event weekend, four weeks before the official release date! Save the shipping charge and collect from the event for further information please go to

Also, you will be able to purchase exclusive booklets, poster magazines, books and more! The stand will also be full to the edges with classic Bruce Lee memorabilia at knockdown prices – non-eBay prices guaranteed!


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Report by Andrew Staton

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