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By Andrew Staton

BRUCE LEE Treasures for Sale!!!

Back in the mid-nineties I visited Hong Kong with my long time Chinese friend Eric Luk. We had been invited to an exhibition celebrating the anniversary of Bruce Lee’s Film work, by the Hong Kong Council and the Bruce Lee Fan Club in Hong Kong.

It was a terrific event, and while we were there, we met up with the head of merchandise for Media Asia a company that at the time held all the rights to Bruce Lee’s films. My friend, an entrepreneur himself, was invited to look round a warehouse and see what merchandise was available. I was invited along for a second opinion. It was a true eye opener seeing all the original publicity for Bruce Lee’s films and all of Golden Harvest’s back catalogue, it included ALL the negative prints of the films kept at a certain temperature so that the film stock did not deteriorate. It was a Bruce Lee collectors heaven. I immediately asked how much the original Bruce Lee material was, the answer came straight back, sorry it’s not for sale, and a Japanese company has made a large offer on it. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Every Poster Lobby Card, all the press materials were there and no way would I have be able to have any of it… it was like showing a starving man a gorgeous cook book.

Fast forward to a few years ago and suddenly the items I had seen in the warehouse all those years ago were appearing on eBay and certain websites, especially one called Reel East, they had been able to do a deal and save these original publicity treasures from being thrown away (don’t forget Storage in Hong Kong is prohibitive). More than that they now making these fantastic collectables available to all.

Now bringing us up to date and to cheer all Bruce Lee appreciators up Reel East have come up with a true Bruce Lee collectors’ package of Original Lobby Cards, sales flyers, theatrical flyers called The Bruce Lee Challenge Package. This includes a set of 8 original lobby cards from The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, and Game Of Death, theatrical flyers for Fist Of Fury, and Way of the Dragon. Added to that is a colour folder that was used to promote the release of the Little Dragons Documentary “Bruce Lee The Legend” and a new addition to this terrific treasure trove of collectables is the sales flyer for “Game Of Death 2” ( AKA Tower of Death).

Also, a print edition of “Bruce Lee and I” a 650-page revised and extended book on the life and work of the Little Dragon, and free with this offer 5 digital downloads of the book within 30 days of purchase.

Then to put the true icing on the cake the package sells for $100 that is $30 cheaper than its original price with an added surprise Bruce Lee memorabilia gift included with each and every order.

So, if you want cheap, original publicity material then do not delay order today while stocks last.

If you’re Bruce Lee appreciator… go on… Own a real piece of Bruce Lee History.

Report by Andrew Staton

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