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Lee’s nemesis from Enter The Dragon Dies age 82. RIP Bob Wall.

Bob Wall in Way of the Dragon

Robert (Bob) Wall who worked with Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris first trained in Tang Soo Do. He was one of the world’s top Black Belts fighting in many kickboxing and Karate championships. However, he is best remembered for being Bruce Lee’s nemesis Ohara in Enter The Dragon, in one of the greatest martial arts fight scenes of all time. Bob passed away on the 31st of January age of 82.

Bruce Lee kicks Bob Wall

Wall was a 9th degree Tang Soo Do black belt under Chuck Norris who is credited with bringing the discipline to the West. The men trained together for many years and were business partners.

 Apart from being a top Black Belt he was of the few martial artists to appear in three Bruce Lee movies, these were the 1972 film “Way of the Dragon”, 1973 movie “Enter the Dragon” as Ohara, and the 1978 film made following Bruce Lee’s untimely passing “Game of Death” as Carl Miller.  He became one of the most renowned of Bruce Lee’s martial arts villains.

Bob Wall, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris (l to r)

 Bruce had trained in martial arts and shared techniques with Bob Wall, Chuck Norris and Pat Johnson for about 8 years. So, when Mr Lee went into the movies he chose people who knew how to fight on and off the big screen thus giving parts for his friends to play in his movies.

After Bruce’s death Wall appeared in many Bruce Lee documentaries and had many cameo parts in Chuck Norris’s movie and in Chuck’s hit TV show “Walker Texas Ranger”.

Wall’s family said, “Bob was the greatest husband and father. Family was Everything to him. He lived a remarkable life & there is a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. His spirit & legacy will live on forever within us. He was our rock.”

Bob will always be remember for smashing a wooden board in front of Bruce Lee’s face and Lee saying “Boards Don’t hit back.”

Bruce Lee fights Bob Wall in Enter The Dragon

He will be sadly missed as the best bad guy in martial arts movies.

RIP Bob Wall

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