BTS boys V, Jungkook, RM, Jin say ‘Indian ARMY aap humaare dil me rehte hai’- WATCH


BTS ARMY in India is eagerly waiting for the Bangtan boys to appear in the country. V, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, and Suga have a huge fan following in India and they are very well aware of it. This is the reason why they often address Indian fans in their interviews.

Today, we will show you an old video in which BTS boys were heard saying ‘Indian ARMY aap humaare dil me rehte hai.’ During an interview with Zoom TV, they addressed BTS Indian ARMY. This video will surely make your day if you are also a BTS fan.

Watch video:

Earlier, the young-talented singer Kim Tae-Hyung aka V from Bangtan Boys band BTS had conducted a ‘ask me anything’ session on his Instagram. However, he never would have imagined that his activity would be such a rage among ARMY. Yes, V started getting numerous responses from all their global ARMY, and it ultimately crashed Instagram. One of the ARMY members shared a screenshot of the stories that confirm the crash saying, “Sorry. We couldn’t process the requests/questions. Try again after some time.” 

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Netizens and ARMY were in awe of V’s popularity and they hail him as a legend. One of his fans asserted, “He literally broke Instagram what a legend.” Another fan stated, “Now I get what armys mean when they claim  bangtan comedy usually feels like ‘laughing in a funeral.’ RIP Taehyungie’s phone and IG.” Another user joked saying, “We broke Instagram how will they ever go live on insta….” A user got concerned over the issue and he posted, “Awww bless his cotton socks. He told us he’s having a technical issue. We crashed his box. Omg. Don’t know if you’ll ever see this, honey, but we love you Tae.” 

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