Building mighty things from small beginnings


As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said, it is the “little things that are infinitely the most important.”

A paper boat in a rainwater puddle, a brief eye contact with the one, glimpses of a familiar face in a crowd, a little win at work, a quick hug from an old friend, a scrumptious meal, a reunion over a cuppa, brief brush strokes – it is these small things in life that add up to affordable and significant memories.

And invoking the gods of all things small (but significant) are eminent artist and sculptor Nagesh Goud and art curator Mehak Bhan.

The two have come up with ‘Small is Beautiful’, an exhibit with over 200 small format artworks by 105 eminent artists from India and beyond at 105Arts, Sector 11, Chandigarh.

This small format scintillating show brings eminent artists under one roof in the City Beautiful. An impressive line-up of artists with differing ethos, themes, and mediums convey their signature style in a 12×12 inch canvas in this exhibit.

“The artworks cover an entire spectrum of colour and gamut of themes. From nature, mythology, and religion to memories, folk art, love, life, and longing – the artists have painted vivid imaginations, with each artwork layered, captivating, striking a conversation, and unravelling a myriad of mysteries and stories. It’s a colourful rhapsody of art, pulsating with energy and vibrating with personality,” says Nagesh.

More than the theme, it’s the sheer size of the exhibition that strings the narrative of the show. The uniformity in the presentation of the artworks removes any distractions caused by the size of it, and allows the viewer to fully immerse in the experience, explains Mehak.

“My association with 105Arts and Mehak started two years back. When a friend and contemporary artist Sachin Jaltare said that Mehak is planning a show, I was a little skeptical about this new gallery, that too in Chandigarh. Sachin called again and I agreed to send some prints! And that’s how our bond began,” explains Nagesh.

“I’ve been curating shows and bringing together groups of artists and sculptures from Telangana and other regions for the same. We decided to do the same for Chandigarh but in a small format. Once they knew that the proceeds would go to Nanhi Jaan, a tricity-based NGO that works towards medical treatment of underprivileged children, everyone came on board unconditionally,” he adds.

“What started as works from 75 artists, swelled to 90 and 100, and then, artist Laxman Aelay suggested making it 105, fashioned after the gallery. That’s how the show was ideated. Senior artists, who don’t usually work on such a small format, also contributed wholeheartedly. This is pure art – no religion, no north-south divide, no discrimination. The only language of art is art,” he says.

This visually stimulating show has been a first on many levels, Mehak says.

“Nagesh, who conceptualised the show, has been a pillar of strength and a guiding light in this herculean task. With the new year, we are trying to bring in a new perspective and a new thought, aspiring to instil hope, resilience, and a celebration of love, beauty, and a bit of magic,” she says.

Each work is a one-foot by one-foot wonderland. Collectively, the show is a beautiful melange of small but beautiful things, she adds.


What: Small is Beautiful: An art exhibition

Where: 105Arts, #105, Sector 11, Chandigarh

When: February 4 to 10

Timings: 11am to 6pm

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