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MUMBAI: The Centre has asked the state government to help redevelop chawls on nine National Textile Corporation mill lands in the city spread over 14 acres.
At a meeting with MMRDA and Mhada officials on Sunday, Union textiles minister Piyush Goyal said NTC does not have the expertise to carry out the redevelopment of the chawls which are old and dilapidated. However, he emphasised that the redevelopment was not a precursor to the commercial redevelopment of NTC lands.
Centre seeks state’s help to redevelop city’s NTC chawls
The Centre has sought the state government’s help for the redevelopment of chawls on nine National Textile Corporation (NTC) mills spread across central Mumbai and one in Mahim.

Union textiles minister Piyush Goyal held meetings with officials from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority (MHADA) for the redevelopment of the chawls that comprise 2,062 residential and commercial units. Mumbai BJP unit president Ashish Shelar and BJP MLA Kalidas Kolambhkar from Wadala-Naigaon assembly constituency were present at the meeting.
Goyal said NTC does not have expertise to carry out redevelopment of chawls which are old and dilapidated and in dangerous condition. He emphasised that redevelopment is not a precursor to commercial redevelopment of NTC mill lands in the city. There are 18 NTC mills in Mumbai all of which have ceased operations. “There has been no discussion or decision on the development of NTC mill lands,” he said.
“NTC does not have expertise to carry out redevelopment of these chawls. Hence we have approached the state government to help understand under which section of the Development Control and Promotion Regulations (DCPR) 2034 these chawls can be redeveloped. We have appointed Cushman and Wakefield as consultants for the project, help define the role of the state and central government as to what needs to be done to facilitate redevelopment. The project report will be submitted within a month and a half,” he said.
Goyal said that of 11 chawls, six are cessed buildings. “We have asked for the conversion of the non-cessed buildings to cessed so their redevelopment becomes easy,” he said. State urban development officials said that recently in the case of 454 buildings (388 MHADA and 65 BMC) it framed a new section 33(24) under section 33 of DCPR 2034 [offering slightly less than 33(7)]; a similar option could be created for the five non-cessed buildings.
Shelar said the chawls are occupied by Marathi Manoos. “For six months, we have followed up with NTC to take up redevelopment. It cannot be carried out unless NTC, the landowner, authorises it. The land occupied by the chawls will be demarcated and developed under section 33(7) of DCPR 2034 and each residential tenement will get flats in the same place.”
The BJP sees it as a win-win for the party as central Mumbai is still considered a stronghold of Shiv Sena (UBT). “Had Uddhav Thackeray maintained cordial relations with the Centre and focused on redevelopment of these chawls, he would have been able to help Marathi Manoos,” said Shelar. By allocating 405 sq ft homes in central Mumbai, BJP hopes it will swing Marathi Manoos towards BJP. With the Prime Minister slated to inaugurate infrastructure projects in the city on January 19, talk is that the state government is gearing up for BMC polls, likely to be held before May.

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