Chhavi Mittal, Mohit Hussein open up on transition to content creators and challenges they face


Actress Chhavi Mittal and her director-husband Mohit Hussein recently  evntured into an all new career path. With their popular YouTube channel, they are now content creators. Their channel – Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) – is growing in popularity and they have now partnered with tech-AI enabled tools to expand their reach and enhance content strategy, amrrying creatiity and technology.

SIT has over 2 million subscribers and around 4 billion cumulative views across all its videos. Mohit and Chhavo are now partnering with Animeta, utilising its tech-AI enabled tools to create even more original properties, getting brand partnerships, localization of content for deeper penetration. The couple says, “Every creative venture needs an ideal business partnership and that’s what makes a perfect marriage.”

Chhavi recalls the humble beginnings of their channel, which was named after an inside oke between the couple. “The name SIT came into being out of thin air when Mohit and I were joking about how he spends too much time in the loo! He said he gets all his amazing ideas there and hence that is constructive time he’s spending. He joked about calling the new upcoming channel, Shitty Ideas, and I added the ‘Trending’ to it. We had all heard about this term and knew that anything ‘trending’ nowadays is good news. Started as a joke, the name Shitty Ideas Trending just clicked and the acronym had a ring to it too.”

But the landscape of content creation has undergone a sea of change in the last few years, something that Mohit and Chhavi are observing as well. “The constant challenge we face on SIT is to create videos that are even more entertaining than the previous ones. Sometimes meeting the brand requirements while staying true to our audience also is a challenging process. Convincing the partner, and then ensuring that thevideo performs well as per your conviction, these are some of the challenges we face every now and then. But the biggest challenge is to think of new ideas that are unique enough to not sound repetitive,” they say.

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