Creche facility comes up at women’s police station in Noida


The Gautam Budh Nagar police established its second daycare centre for children of women police officers at the Women Police station at Sector 39 in Noida on Friday. Another such facility is operational at the Police Lines in Surajpur from April 2021 and around 25-30 children of police officers visit the centre on a regular basis.

It was September 2021 when the farmers’ agitation at Noida authority office in Sector 6 called for heavy police deployment in the area round the clock. Amidst this, it was Ankita Sharma, assistant commissioner of police, Noida-1, who noticed that the women police officers were forced to bring their young children to the agitation site as there was no place for them to stay.

“The farmers’ agitation went on for months during which a majority of women police officers were deployed because a lot of the protesters were also women. In the middle of this, officers who are mothers, did not have any other option but to bring their young kids with them. Since the only daycare facility is located in Surajpur, there was a need for a similar facility for Noida city as well,” said Sharma.

Sharma soon raised the issue with Vrinda Shukla, deputy commissioner of police (women’s security), who then raised the matter to Akanksha Singh, president of Police Family Welfare Association.

“In January this year, the daycare facility at the Women’s Police Station was conceptualised and with the help of a private firm, we have been able to establish the same on the auspicious eighth day of Navratri,” said Shukla.

Shukla further informed that the full strength of Gautam Budh Nagar police is 5,000 of which 550 are women police officers.

“The already-operational daycare facility at Surajpur is running with utmost enthusiasm with two women constables appointed there as well. We are sure that this facility will also be beneficial to all women police officers in the Noida city area,” said Singh.

Adding a dash of colour and cheerfulness to the police station, the daycare facility here will run round the clock and two women constables have been appointed to take care of the children. Kids up to 10 years of age are entitled to come to the centre.

“I have recently come out of maternity leave but since my husband also goes to work, I had to bring my toddler to the police station. This not only interferes with my work, but also keeps me worried for my child. However, I am relieved that now I can leave my child at the daycare facility under the supervision of women constables where she can also make new friends with other kids,” said Pushpa Singh, sub-inspector at the Women’s Police Station, who has a 13-month-old daughter by the name Dakshita.

The facility has been constituted with the help of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives of a private firm. “This is our effort to give equal opportunities to women in the police force. Their worries of taking care of kids interferes with their work,” said Vidya Srinivasan from Genpact.

Alok Singh, Gautam Budh Nagar commissioner of police, further added that more such facilities will be opened for women police officers in the future. “We all live in nuclear families now and that is why it becomes difficult for women to leave their children at home before coming to work. In such a situation, it is extremely important to have a creche where women officers can leave their children and focus on their duty without any worry,” he said.

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