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KOLKATA: Calcutta University is yet to issue the guidelines for admission to four-year undergraduate courses, set to be implemented from this session, leaving affiliated colleges in a fix as most of the institutes can neither come with cut-off marks for entrance nor can they help the service-providers, building their admission portals, with any concrete information.
Till last year, ahead of the admission season, colleges received criteria details for admission to three-year UG courses. Given the tradition of three-year course duration, the institutes, too, had an overall idea and would start working on their websites. But this time, most colleges are at a loss, with no idea about subject combinations that can be offered, cut-offs for application or whether there would be a different cut-off for the two-year diploma course.
A CU official said, “We are preparing guidelines for UG admissions. College are likely to be given the same sort of flexibility and freedom to decide on cut-offs as earlier.”
In the absence of a guideline from CU, some of the affiliated, government colleges in Kolkata, including Lady Brabourne, have decided to start working on their website, calculating cut-offs for major and minor subjects, based on the admission criteria for Honours and general courses in the old, three-year, choice based credit system (CBCS). Lady Brabourne principal Siuli Sarkar said, “As we are yet to receive a proper guideline from the university, we have for now fixed cut-off marks, assuming Honours subjects as major and pass subjects as minor. We need to ready our college admission website and the service-provider asked us for information. If CU advises something else, we will make changes.”
According to the rules laid down by the NEP, 2020: “Three-year UG programme will award UG degree in the major discipline after successful completion of three years, securing 120 credits, and a four-year UG Honours degree in the major discipline will be awarded to those completing a four-year degree programme with 160 credits.” Based on this instruction, one principal said, “According to this procedure, every student clearing Plus-II is eligible for college admission. But how will we fix the subject-wise cut-off? Also, there is not yet any clarification on the admission to the the two-year diploma course. Will it be like the former general course? But if the same cut-off is kept for all three-2-year diploma, 3-year major and 4-year Honours, the number of applicants for the diploma might drop.”
The principal of another college said, “The credit framework for UG programmes offered adoption of flexible curricular structures in order to enable creative combinations of disciplinary areas for study in multidisciplinary contexts, allowing flexibility in course options. The inter-disciplinary subjects were offered in addition to the specialized subjects, to add value. So, we need to know the subjects and the combinations we can offer.”
Surendranath College principal Indranil Kar said, “We have submitted a list to the university and asked for clarification. We are pressed for time to prepare our portal.”

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