Delhi earthquake: Strong tremors felt in Delhi, neighbouring areas after 6.3-magnitude earthquake hits Nepal



Strong tremors were felt in Delhi NCR region and neighbouring states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on Tuesday night. No loss of life and property was reported. 

An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred in Nepal, Manipur at around 1.57 am on Wednesday. The depth of the earthquake was 10 km below the ground, according to the National Center for Seismology.

This is the third earthquake to have hit Nepal in around five hours. The first one, of magnitude 4.9, was reported at 8:52 pm on Tuesday, followed by 3.5 magnitude at 9.41 pm. 

Several people took to Twitter telling about the strong tremors that prompted them to move out of their houses for safety in the middle of night. 

Within a half an hour of the quake, #earthquake started trending on Twitter with more than 20,000 tweets. Some tweeted to say they’ve never felt this strong an earthquake.

Of the five seismic zones, Delhi falls under the fourth-highest zone, making it vulnerable to earthquakes. But it is rare that Delhi has been the epicentre of a quake. It, however, experiences tremors when a quake hits regions as far as central Asia or the Himalayan ranges, known to be a high-seismic zone.

Most experts opine that just because there have been several small quakes, it does not mean a big one is necessarily on the way. The highest earthquake magnitude experienced in Delhi in about a century was on July 27, 1960, measuring about 5.6 on the Richter scale. Records say that some buildings in the New Delhi area were partially damaged during that quake. 

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