Delhi Kanjhawala case: Who is Anjali Singh’s friend Nidhi? Why victim’s family is alleging her involvement in death


Ever since the Delhi Kanjhawala case left the national capital stunned by the gruesome death of a 20-year-old girl named Anjali Singh. Now, several claims made by Anjali’s friend Nidhi have come under scrutiny, especially by the victim’s family.

Nidhi was riding pillion on the scooty being driven by Anjali on the night of her death, and she had claimed that the victim was drunk at the time of the hit-and-run. Anjali was dragged to death under a Maruti Baleno on January 1, while Nidhi suffered mild injuries.

After Nidhi claimed that Anjali Singh was drunk when she was hit by the car, the victim’s family hit back at her, saying that her claims are completely false and that not a drop of alcohol was detected in the blood and stomach at the time of the post mortem.

Who is Anjali’s friend Nidhi?

While not many details are known about Nidhi, she was seen with Anjali a few hours before the Delhi Sultanpuri incident, and also during the collision of their scooty with the car of the accused. Nidhi claims to be Anjali’s friend, while the victim’s family has said that they had never heard of her.

During the police questioning, Nidhi had said that she had only known victim Anjali for 15 days, and the New Year party at the hotel was the first time that they were going out together. She had also fought with Anjali outside the hotel, as captured by the CCTV.

It must be noted that Nidhi was arrested in a drug smuggling case in 2020, for trying to smuggle drugs from Telangana into Agra. She is currently out on bail. This goes against the claims of the Delhi Police, who had said that Nidhi has no police cases against her.

Earlier, Nidhi had claimed that she and Anjali had a fight about her driving the scooty while she was drunk. The victim had insisted on driving despite being drunk, claimed Nidhi. Now, the ‘friend’ of Anjali has revealed that they were fighting about money matters.

Several statements made by Nidhi came under the scrutiny of Delhi Kanjhawala victim’s family, who are urging the police to also launch an investigation against her. The family of the victim has claimed that Nidhi is a part of the “conspiracy” that killed her daughter.

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