Delhi Murder: New Video Shows Accused Waiting for Teen Girl Moments Before Brutal Killing | WATCH


Sahil can be seen walking in the narrow lane of the Shahbad Dairy area moments before killing Sakshi on Saturday. (ANI)

A recently surfaced security camera footage that went viral on social media shows Sahil engaged in a conversation with a person just at the exact location where he would later kill Sakshi moments later.

A day after a 20-year-old was arrested for brutally stabbing and bludgeoning his alleged girlfriend to death in a busy street in northwest Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy, a new CCTV footage shows the accused waiting for the victim moments before the attack.

Sahil stabbed 16-year-old Sakshi more than 20 times before proceeding to bludgeon her with a cement slab, killing her on Sunday. She had 34 injury marks on her body and her skull was ruptured, the post mortem report revealed.

A recently surfaced security camera footage that went viral on social media shows Sahil engaged in a conversation with a person just at the exact location where he would later kill Sakshi moments later.

During their interaction, Sahil converses with a person for a brief period before the latter departs, as shown in the video. Sahil seemed to be waiting at that spot for the arrival of the teen girl, officials said.

According to officials the girl had stopped talking to Sahil a few days prior and had a argument with him the day before the incident. They revealed that the girl had been in a relationship with Sahil since 2021, but their dynamic had become increasingly strained, leading to frequent arguments. Eventually, she decided to cut off contact with him and expressed her desire to completely end the relationship. However, Sahil persisted in trying to reconcile with her, despite her wishes to move on, official said.

In addition, the police are actively investigating a tattoo on the victim’s hand that displays the name ‘Praveen.’ They believe that Praveen may have played a role in the frequent disputes between Sahil and the girl, eventually leading to her tragic demise.

Shocking CCTV Footage

The shocking video of the incident captured on CCTV shows the attack happening on the busy street with people seen passing by, staring in alarm, but not doing anything to stop the Sahil. The chilling video shows Sahil walking away from Sakshi after she slumps on the ground before abruptly turning back to strike her once more with the slab and departing the scene.

Special Police Commissioner (Law and Order) Dependra Pathak said lack of help from passerby during the crime shows a “shocking level of insensitivity.” “We will demand the strictest punishment for the accused. The fact that nobody came forward to help the victim reflects a shocking level of insensitivity,” he said.

According to the police, there was a considerable delay of approximately 25 minutes before they were informed about the incident. None of the bystanders present at the scene made an emergency call to the Police Control Room (PCR). Instead, it was a police informer who brought the incident and a team was promptly dispatched to the location, arriving at around 9:30 pm.

Sahil was arrested from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh on following a lead from a phone call made by Sahil’s aunt to his father. It was revealed that Sahil had turned off his mobile phone after the incident and had taken a bus to his aunt’s residence in Bulandshahr.

After his arrest, he underwent a medical examination in Bulandshahr before being transported to the national capital on Monday evening.

Knife Purchased 15 Days Before Murder

The knife used in the murder was purchased by Sahil approximately 15 days before the incident, but it is yet to be recovered by the police. According to the authorities, the fact that Sahil had bought the knife prior to the incident suggests a possibility that he may have already been planning to commit the crime. However, Sahil has also claimed that he killed the girl in a fit of rage due to her continuous disregard towards him.

“The statements made by him are being verified since it is the initial stage of investigation. Sometimes he says she ignored him as he tried to approach her, which angered him. But he also suspected her getting involved with her former boyfriend,” stated the officer.

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