Did Karan Johar take jibe at Kangana Ranaut? Here’s all we know


Karan Johar is one of the most renowned filmmakers in the Bollywood industry. The director was recently in the news when Kangana Ranaut accused him of bullying and harassing Priyanka Chopra and pushing her to leave India. After this, the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil director seemingly took a jibe at Kangana Ranaut in his Instagram stories.

On Friday, Karan Johar posted a couple of cryptic Instagram stories and netizens felt he was talking about Kangana Ranaut in his stories. The filmmaker wrote, “The airport is a runway … it’s also a press conference …. Next it may be a trailer launch venue! ( I subscribe to it all… no complaints …but maybe nice to also catch a flight once in a while …. ).”

In another story, Karan Johar wrote, “Further Jet lag musings… I am obsessed with makeup tutorials ( just watching them on reels makes my soul happy) They put the whole dukaan (shop) on a bride’s face … but the end results are invariably OTT but still stunning (before/after comparisons) ….and I love the hacks! #iykyk.”


While indirectly talking about nepotism, the director wrote, “I loved so many looks at the Dior show! But meNtioning thEm is Perhaps an nO….#iykyk.” He wrote several letters in the text in uppercase in such a way that when joined, they make the word ‘nepo.’


Karan added, “I am taking woke tutorials every morning! It’s like a new age riyaaz for personality change! My plus-size body needs self-love! The last time I looked at it … I only had 3 alphabets in my head !!! MRF.” “People getting dressed in their ethnic attire over the song Ravi is my current obsession!!! Will try making one without looking like I may have lost the plot.”


The filmmaker further called Instagram a ‘toxic lover’ in his story and said, “Instagram is a toxic lover…. Who stalks you, demands your attention, messes with your head, and gives you nothing but complexes… … about your fitness, fashion, and food. Can you break up ?! Do you have it in you??? Is there no one you can have an affair on the side with..? Don’t say Twitter! That’s not love that’s a hater!”


A fan shared the screenshots of Karan Johar’s story on Reddit and netizens shared their views in the comment section. One of the comments read, “This is directed to Kangana’s latest remarks while she was at the airport.” Another comment read, “I think Karan’s story is for Kangana.” Another wrote, “Can KJO stop being snarky to others for like 2 minutes?”

KJo’s latest Instagram story lol

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For the unversed, After Kangana Ranaut came in support of Priyanka Chopra and accused Karan Johar of bullying and harassing her, the next day, the actress was spotted at the airport and was seen questioning the paps why they don’t ask questions related to the row. The actress said in Hindi, “You guys are quite cunning, right? If there is a controversy about the film mafia then no one will ask any questions, right.” She added, “And if there is a controversy around me then the way you shout! Why don’t you ask questions? Tell me.” Just when the paps were about to answer, she said, “I know everything.” 

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