‘Elon is on the right track there’: Father Errol Musk on Tesla CEO’s ‘secret twins’ with Shivon Zilis


World’s richest person Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk has recently been grabbing headlines. First he revealed last month that he had fathered a second child with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout. Then he went on to say that he was not proud of his “genius offspring”.

While both developments created a lot of buzz, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO did not take the news kindly. He was reportedly furious at the reports of his father’s second child with his step sister. On the ’not proud’ comment, he reportedly told his father to keep quiet.

Speaking up once again, Errol Musk who is an engineer and a mining magnate clarified the comment and also gave his verdict on recent reports of Elon Musk fathering secret twins with a top executive at one of his firms, Shivon Zilis.

On Shivon Zilis, Errol Musk said that he was a big fan of hers, mentioning that she had a high IQ and Elon Musk was on the right track. Elon’s dad said: “Shivon is a girl with an IQ of about 170 or something. I’d say Elon is on the right track there.”

Errol Musk has now stated that his comments on not being proud of Elon were misinterpreted. He added that he would die for his son. He said that his infamous ‘No’ was not for the question of whether he was proud of his son but for another one where he was asked if he had expected Elon’s success.

“She said are you proud of Elon and then said were you expecting his success. I missed the ‘are you proud’ of Elon thing and answered the next question,” Errol was quoted by Mirror in a recent report.

“One doesn’t walk around saying ‘I’m proud’,” he told the UK tabloid, adding, “It’s one of the seven deadly sins. Instead I would say I’m very thankful for Elon’s achievements and that he is okay and managing.”

In the same report, Errol also denied being tagged as a ‘Lothario’ (womaniser) on reports of his second child with his step daughter.  “I wish I was a Lothario. I think every man would love to be one but I’m not. In my head I’ve slept with hundreds of women. Occasionally I find a woman that is attracted to me,” he said, addid that both he and his son share the trait of being attracted to intelligent women.

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