FIR against Shiv Nadar varsity admin, deceased student and three others


The Gautam Budh Nagar police on Wednesday registered an FIR against four persons and the Shiv Nadar University administration in connection with the murder of a 21-year-old woman student on the varsity campus on May 17.

The spot outside the dinning hall where the woman was shot dead. (HT Photo)

Those booked include the deceased student who allegedly shot the woman and later himself, the varsity administration, a university staffer, a photographer who used to visit the campus on work, and a Kanpur based man, said police.

The varsity staffer, photographer, and Kanpur based man were mentioned in the video sent by the male student right before he killed himself. HT is not revealing the identities of those named in the FIR because some of the circumstances leading to the crime are yet to be ascertained.

On the afternoon of May 18, after shooting dead the woman student near the dining hall of the university, her male classmate ran back to the hostel and shot himself dead, police said. Both were students of third year BA Sociology.

On Wednesday night, the woman’s father and paternal uncles reached the Dadri police station and submitted a complaint alleging that the university administration was aware of the conflict between the two students and yet did not take any action or inform the students’ parents.

The father said the video made by the male student, and emailed to student council just before he shot himself dead, is proof that his daughter’s murder was a planned one.

“In the video, he mentioned about murdering my daughter. He also mentioned the names of a university staffer, a photographer, and a Kanpur resident. This video was sent to the university student council email ID which shows that my daughter’s murder was planned. No timely and effective action was taken by the administration, which is a reason for my daughter’s death,” he said in the complaint.

On the basis of the complaint, an FIR has been registered against the deceased student, the varsity staffer, photographer, Kanpur based man and the university administration under sections 302 (murder), 354D (stalking) and 120b (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code at the Dadri police station.

“We have begun investigations after registering an FIR. The suspects will be questioned,” said Sarthak Sengar, assistant commissioner of police, Greater Noida.

Later, speaking to HT, the father said they got to know about an email sent by his daughter to the university administration on March 14, in which she complained about the male student.

“Two months ago, my daughter emailed the university alleging that he had tried to strangle her and threatened to kill her. She told them that in a span of two months, he assaulted her multiple times and she suffered several injuries. He also made death threats at her,” said the father.

He shared the email in which the daughter has said, “I really want to get out of this without involving my parents. I hope that you will devise any possible way in which I can feel safe and happy on campus.”

A spokesperson of the university said after receiving the email on March 14, the varsity placed a restraining order on both students on March 16.

“In a separate email on March 26, 2023, the woman informed us that the male student had accessed her laptop without her knowledge and had gathered information (as he knew her password) that she did not want anyone to know. Both students had voluntarily and knowingly breached the restraining order, something that the university again confronted the students with and asked them to exercise restraint,” said the spokesperson.

The woman’s father said,”Had our daughter told us about all this, we would have brought her home and would have never let her stay there,” he said.

“Apart from not taking strict action on my daughter’s complaints, the university’s negligence in terms of security on also became a reason for her death. The male student managed to sneak a gun on to the campus and shot my daughter in daylight, which points to the university’s negligence,” said the father, who is an advocate in Kanpur.

He alleged that someone from the university leaked the video made by the male student, which has further tarnished his daughter’s reputation. “The man demeaned my daughter in the 23-minute long video, which was sent only to the university student council. Someone from the university leaked the video on social media which is another negligence on their part,” he said.

The varsity spokesperson said, “The university strongly urged the woman student to place a formal complaint on multiple occasions so that the university could initiate even stricter action. She did not pursue this, as she said that she did not want her family to find out.”

Meanwhile, the male student’s father refuted all allegations against his son and said, “My son can never hurt anyone. It is being said that he shot himself but who will prove it? He spoke to his mother a day before the incident and told her that the university was sending him to the US and he was preparing documents for the same.”

He said his son never told him about any relationship. “Had the university told us about it, we would have spoken to him and maybe two lives could have been saved,” he said.

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