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Underground fight club thriller, in the gritty, shitty world of backstabbing bastards gambling big cash on bloody brawls.

We say; We enjoyed it, gritty, even comedic, Brassic meets Shameless vibe. Not Rambo or Steven Seagal rampage. Impressive acting and use of one location, not 12 Angry Men more like 1 Fkd Fight Fixer. Worth a watch.


Described as ‘Uncut Gems meets Buried’ Fixed – starring Line of Duty’s Gregory Piper (Frankie) ­– is a gritty, nail-biting new British thriller from Ryan Davis in his directorial debut. This anxiety inducing, gangster feature is set for its UK premiere on digital on 22 November. 

Nicholas Clarke (Are We Dead YetLeopard) takes the lead in a stand-out performance, alongside Phillip Ray Tommy (BlackbirdKing Arthur),  Dean Kilbey (EastEndersAll the Money in the World) in this extreme-tension evoking, edge-of-seat feature, permeated with motifs of broken dreams and claustrophobia.

Synopsis: On the night low-level gambler, Daz Clemance is leaving Birmingham to start a crime-free life with his girlfriend in Spain, he‘s accused of fixing a bareknuckle fight in a warehouse. He is beaten, stabbed and locked in a cupboard to await certain death at the hands of Al Coop – the gangster he supposedly swindled money from. The problem is, his plane is due to leave in an hour and he has to pay-off money lender, Nial and also convince his estranged son, Jimmy to quit his gangster lifestyle and go to University.

With two thousand pounds hidden in his trousers for Jimmy – Daz attempts his escape…

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