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NEW DELHI: If you give a lot of voice commands to Google Assistant, then here’s some good news for you. As reported by XDA developers, soon Google Assistant will be able to complete a voice command offline.
According to the new string code developed by XDA Developers, Google Assistant will be able to complete a voice command even when the user goes offline. Along with this, the company is also planning to bring a new feature called ‘My Actions’ to Google Assistant. This new feature will enable users to create shortcuts for their favourite Assistant requests.
“The ‘My Actions’ setup screen looks like it is adding a custom action. As you can see, the setup screen states that the feature “can be configured to do anything Google Assistant can do, in just one tap.” It includes a couple of sample commands that you can try out to get a feel of the feature and a “Setup” button to get started,” reported XDA Developers.

Recently, on the occasion of World Heritage Day, UNESCO, Google Arts & Culture has created a new online resource called Explore UNESCO World Heritage.
On a microsite created by Google for 10 UNESCO heritage sites, users can get a virtual tour. These sites include the Taj Mahal, Yosemite National Park, Serengeti National Park, The Colosseum and others. Once you land on the site, you can see a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal and see the grandeur of it.

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