NEW DELHI: It appears that Google is all set to make its voice Assistant smarter by adding a new and interesting feature. The tech giant has reportedly started an in-house testing of a new feature called Guacamole. This new feature will enable users to use the Google Assistant without saying the hotword ‘Hey Google’.
According to a report by 9to5Google, the feature will allow Google Assistant users to perform quick voice tasks like turning off the alarm or answering calls without the saying trigger word. The report also mentions that the Guacamole feature appeared in Google app beta version 12.5 running Android 11 under the main Assistant settings list.
The report also adds that Guacamole would enable users to just say ‘stop’, ‘snooze’ and ‘decline call’ without saying ‘Hey Google’ first.
Last week, another online report revealed that Google Assistant will soon get support for offline voice command. As reported by XDA Developers, Google Assistant will be able to complete a voice command even when the user goes offline.
Along with this, Google is also planning to roll out a new feature called ‘My Actions’ to Google Assistant. This new feature will allow users to create shortcuts for their favourite Assistant requests.


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