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NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google is making a change in the algorithm of its navigation appGoogle Maps which will change the way you drive.
As reported by autoevolution, Google is making a change in the algorithm which enables drivers to navigate from point A to B in the fastest time.
According to the report, later this year, the company will push out an update for Google Maps after which the app will not show users the quickest way to reach their destination. Instead of this, the navigation app will show the most fuel-efficient way. This new algorithm will take fuel consumption into account and will focus on how much gas is being used instead of the time.
This new feature will help in reducing the carbon footprint as the routes provided will take into account various factors.
The report also adds that in case you still want to reach your destination quickly, then you will be able to revert to the old algorithm and the Maps will then show you the fastest route. However, after the update, Google Maps will show the fuel-efficient way first.
Apart from this, Google is also working on improving the way Maps handle public transport. Soon Google Maps users will be able to see step-by-step information about public transportation along with timing estimates and accurate time of arrival.
Recently, Google brought back compass widgets to Maps on Android, the feature was reportedly earlier removed from the app. Google has axed the compass widgets from Maps back in 2019 to make for more room on the Navigation screen. The feature points users to the North on the Maps home screen with a small red pointer. The compass widget can be found on the right side of the screen.

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