Green chilli price halves as new crop enters Chandigarh’s mandis


With locally sown crop entering the market once again, the price of green chilli has started declining in the city, a much-needed respite for residents.

After shooting up to a two-year high of 160 in the first week of March, the price of the kitchen-staple vegetable has dropped to 70 per kg now – an over 56% decline.

The prices of other vegetables have also shown a decrease in the recent days. However, in the wake of the hike in fuel prices, another surge in their rates can be expected in the next two weeks, according to mandi officials.

Harpreet Singh, a mandi supervisor with the Punjab Mandi Board said, “Green chilli had become more expensive as the local supply and even that from far-off places like West Bengal and Gujarat had slowed down. But now, the locally sown crop has started coming in. So, green chilli will once again become affordable.”

After soaring to 160 per kg on March 2, the price of green chill had come down to 140 per kg on March 5. It stayed that high until March 22 when its price changed to 130 per kg.

Green chilli prices have dropped by over 50% in Chandigarh in the past 20 days. (HT)

Meanwhile, the supply of onions has also improved considerably, bringing its price down from 35 per kg to 25 per kg in the past 20 days. Other vegetables like cucumber, capsicum, cabbage and brinjal have also become cheaper.

While the price of tomatoes has remained unchanged at 20 per kg, potatoes are being sold at to 18 per kg compared to 15 per kg 20 days ago.

With the changing season, some winter vegetables like carrots have become expensive, going from 25 per kg to 40 per kg in the past two days. Lady’s finger and cauliflower have also become slightly expensive.

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