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MUMBAI: On the occasion of his 48th birthday, cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, who has just recovered from Covid-19 due to which he was hospitalised last month, will donate his blood for plasma therapy, and has urged those who have recovered from the deadly infection to do the same.
In a video he tweeted for his millions of fans on Saturday, the retired batting maestro said: “I want to give a message which the doctors have asked me to give. Last year, I inaugurated a plasma donation centre. The doctors have given me a message that if plasma is given at the right time, then the patients can recover faster. I myself, when permissible, am going to donate (plasma). I’ve spoken to my doctors. Those of you who’ve recovered from Covid-19, please consult your doctor, and when permissible, please donate your blood. This will solve a lot of problems. We know how much we, our family members and friends are troubled till we recover. So, I urge you to please donate your blood and help your fellow Indians. A big, big thank you for all your good wishes and prayers.”

Recalling his ordeal while suffering from Covid last month, Tendulkar said: “Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! It’s truly made my day. Last month was tough for me. I tested positive and had to be isolated for 21 days. Your, my family and friends’ prayers and good wishes, and last but not the least, the doctors and their entire staff, kept me in a positive frame of mind and helped me recover. A big thank you to all of you.”
In July last year, Tendulkar had inaugurated a Plasma Therapy Unit for treating Covid-19 patients at the Seven Hills Hospital in suburban Andheri. On that occasion too, he had urged those who have recovered from the deadly infection to help save lives by donating blood plasma. The unit was an initiative of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

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