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HYDERABAD: Until his arrest by the Mumbai police on Wednesday, Ramnagesh Akubathini was following an almost stereotypical path for a young Telugu man.
The 23-year-old software engineer, who tweeted a rape threat to a top cricket star’s daughter, graduated from IITHyderabad about two years ago. He had been working with one of India’s top food delivery apps headquartered in Bangalore with an annual pay package of around Rs 24 lakh, but he left the job to pursue a master’s degree in a US university for which he was preparing.

Everything seemed to be falling in place for the young man until he tweeted the rape threat. Now, he is on his way to a jail in Mumbai, leaving his friends and family stunned. Ramnagesh’s father Srinivas works as a fitter in Ordnance Factory, Medak at Yeddumailaram which manufactures armoured vehicles for the Indian army. The upset father told TOI, “My son is just a cricket lover and usually very sober in his reactions. When I found out what he had done, I told him that if India had lost to Pakistan, he should have tweeted about the cricket star and should never have mentioned the daughter. I can’t understand why he did this.”
Srinivas, along with his friend Krishna Murthy, accompanied the cops to Mumbai after the arrest.
Krishna Murthy claimed that the rape threat tweet was an accident. “Ramnagesh had been chatting online after India lost to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup,” he said. “In frustration, he typed an angry message which he did not intend to tweet. At the same time, the phone slipped out of his hand. By the time he tried to do some damage control, the message had already gone viral. Since that day he was living in fear.” He claimed that no one in family knew about tweet until the police knocked on their door on Wednesday.

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