A user wrote down which route of the public transport is perfect to ride on, on the basis of how someone is feeling

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Sometimes, doing mundane tasks that others might find boring, could be a wondrous experience for people. Such activities include using public transport like the metro, which many find indispensable.

The Delhi Metro is an intrinsic part of the city’s transport system. What is less paid attention to is the fact that everyone has certain unforgettable memories associated with the metro. A Twitter thread, which personifies the city’s metro is getting significant attention from social media users.

The thread said that if it was a person, the Delhi Metro would be someone “who gives free hugs to literally anyone for no reason at all”.

The user also wrote down which route of the metro is perfect to ride on, on the basis of how someone is feeling.

“Depressed? Ride the pink line,” the user said, adding that if one was feeling absolutely lonely and wanted to see other people around themselves, they could travel to Rajiv Chowk or Kashmere Gate.

The user also claimed that if one wanted to read a book, they could go to Samaypur Badli from the HUDA City Centre, adding that they could go to Daryaganj, near Delhi Gate, if they ran out of books while riding the Yellow Line.

The Twitter thread enumerated various routes of the Delhi Metro to ride on according to the emotions riders are feeling, mentioning the Hauz Khas station to “peek down in your heart”, Jor Bagh for walking around architectural marvels and gardens, and GTB Nagar for buying alcohol that would also be pocket-friendly.

The user also tagged the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), thanking them for their efforts to keep the public transport operational.

The thread won a lot of appreciation online, with several users saying that the tweet was very relatable.

Some users said that they loved their daily commutes on the metro, which lasted over two hours.

For other people, the thread brought back memories associated with the public transport.

For many users, the opportunity was too good to pass up jokes. Several people imagined how the local trains of other cities would be, claiming that if the Mumbai local was an actual person, they would be the type “who gives free massages to anyone”.

This is not the only time when the Delhi Metro has trended online. A few months ago, the metro was in the news after a monkey was found riding the metro along with other passengers.

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