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NEW DELHI: India and the US are the two worst coronavirus-hit countries in the world.
While the US has so far seen three waves of coronavirus, India is in the midst of a second wave.
The second wave for the US started last year in mid-June and peaked during the fourth week of July. On the other hand, the second for India started at the end of February this year.

The US also experienced a deadlier third wave which started in the first week of October 2020 and peaked in the first week of January 2021.
The second wave in the US lasted for nearly 45 days. In India, the second is yet to show a sign of slowing down even after 60 days.

The maximum number of daily cases reported during the US second wave was 73,323, reported on July 24, 2020. During this period, the US reported over two million cases.
On April 18, 2021, India reported a record of 2,73,802 new cases. This was much higher than the 97,894 cases reported on September 16, 2020. India has so far reported over 4.4 million cases during the second wave.

In the US, the number of daily deaths reached near 1,000-mark during the second wave. The second wave claimed over 28,000 lives in the US.
In India, the second wave claimed over 26,000 lives and reached a peak of 1,761 deaths on April 19.

On the testing front, while the US conducted over 26.8 million Covid-19 tests within 35 days, India has so far conducted over 63.5 million tests since the beginning of the second wave in March.

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