Indian-origin Rishi Sunak to finally fulfill his PM dream? Rebel group plots major shakeup in UK against Liz Truss


Another political crisis is set to hit the United Kingdom, as newly-elected UK PM Liz Truss might not be able to complete even to two months on the top post after her election, as reports suggest a secret rebellion in the Conservative Party churning against her.

In the midst of the speculated rebellion against UK PM Liz Truss, it is likely that Indian-origin British politician Rishi Sunak might be able to realize his dream of becoming the Prime Minister of the UK, being one of the most popular contenders for the post in the current scenario.

Liz Truss beat out Sunak in the Conservative Party vote held earlier this year after former PM Boris Johnson’s resignation, but the Indian-origin leader still remains one of the top names to replace Truss if she is ousted by her own party.

According to news reports, secret meetings are being conducted between the Conservative Party members to formulate a plan to oust Liz Truss after just a little over a month as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, with many big names emerging as the PM candidate, including Rishi Sunak.

Local media reports have suggested Rishi Sunak is one of the most popular candidates to be the next UK PM. Meanwhile, Conservative Party members are also backing Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to be the PM, with Rishi Sunak as his Finance Minister.

The rebellion against Liz Truss can take full force by the end of this week, reports suggest. This comes as the new UK PM failed to deliver on the many promises that she made during the campaign, making a complete U-turn on her policies.

As Liz Truss took charge as the Prime Minister of Britain, the plans to make an estimated GBP 45 billion worth of tax cuts without a detailed funding plan to back them up were seen, taking a major hit at the UK economy, shattering the trust of Conservative Party in Truss.

The names of potential candidates to be the next Prime Minister of the UK are Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson, Penny Mordaunt, and Ben Wallace.

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