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Last Updated: September 22, 2023, 08:54 IST

The new iPhone 15 series gives you more info on battery health

The new iPhone 15 series models now give you granular data on charging and battery health which has been demanded by iPhone users for years.

iPhone 15 series goes on sale from Friday in India and more countries and understandably millions will be waiting to get their hands on the new iPhones. But over the past few weeks, we have been introduced to new features that Apple has provided on the iPhone 15 models, which includes the USB C charging port on the iPhones. You can charge multiple devices through this port and even connect the iPhone to an external monitor.

But the company has also offered some useful features which include the new battery health and charging data. That’s right, iPhone users can finally get data like what is their battery charging cycle and how can they get the best out of their iPhone’s battery which is linked to their charging frequency and percentage.

It is interesting that the new iPhones are getting this feature even though we have spotted these details in the iOS 17 beta version earlier. Multiple tipsters using the iPhone 15 models have seen these changes and we are hoping that since these are not hardware-centric, Apple could bring them to older iPhones as well.

iPhone 15 users will also get the option to limit the maximum charging capacity to 80 per cent instead of going all the way to 100 per cent like phone batteries usually do. It is likely that Apple feels users don’t need to charge their iPhones 100 per cent all the time, and keeping the limit to 80 per cent could help improve the battery health of the iPhone.

You can find this option in the main Settings of iPhone in the battery section. Android brands have used the feature to good effect for years and now iPhone users will get to see its benefit as well, especially when the battery health of an iPhone is an extremely crucial part of determining the value of the iPhone.

Apple has also gone one step further with the new iPhones giving details like battery cycle count, battery manufacture date and usage time. You can head over to the General section of Settings on the iPhone and click on About to get all this data.

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