Jeetendra is heartbroken after meeting his ailing friend Junior Mehmood: ‘He is unable to recognize me’



Veteran superstar Jeetender reveals he is heartbroken after meeting Junior Mehmood.

Naeem Sayyed aka Junior Mehmood, shot to fame as a child actor for impersonation of 1950s-’60s comic-legend, Mehmood Ali. Recently, it came to light that he is suffering from stage-4 stomach cancer and recuperating in his Bandra home. 

On Tuesday, comedian Johnny Lever and veteran actor Jeetendra turned up to meet their friend and fellow ailing co-star to fulfill his ‘last wish’ to meet him. Talking to Hindustan Times, Jeetendra revealed that Junior Mehmood is unable to recognise him and said, “I am here by his bedside, but he is unable to recognize me. He is in so much pain, he is unable to open his eyes. To see him in this state breaks my heart.” 

He further added, “I have been coming to the Mount Mary Church for 25 years. When I learned of Junior’s health condition, I planned to visit him on my way to the church next Sunday. But Johnny reached out to me on Monday night, urging a quick visit.” 

Further recalling his association with Junior Mehmood, the veteran superstar said, “We worked at a time when movies took a lot of time to be completed. Junior played my younger brother in Nasir Hussain’s ‘Caravan.’ In the course of filmmaking, Ravindra Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Aruna Irani and I ended up spending a lot of time together both on set and outdoors. A major portion of the film was shot in a caravan and so we often found ourselves huddled up together during shoots. However, I had not spoken to him or met him for years till I heard he had fallen ill.” 

Jeetendra also worked with Junior Mehmood’s wife and talking about it, he said, “I remember her as a beautiful girl who met me around 40 years ago to say she was marrying Junior Mehmood. I was very happy for her. This evening I met a frail Lata and their two sons by Junior’s bedside. Seeing them I feel even more distraught.” 

Junior Mehmood has lost 36 kilos and further wishing for his peaceful days ahead, Jeetendra said, “I will keep Junior in my prayers. I hope he has a peaceful evening and peaceful days ahead.” 

Junior Mehmood is known for his roles in movies like Brahmachari in 1968, Caravan in 1971, and Haathi Mere Saathi in 1971. The actor has acted in over 200 films in more than 7 different languages. Not only this, He has also produced and directed many Marathi movies.

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