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Kabaddi player Sandeep Nangal Ambian shot dead in Jalandhar, around 20 rounds fired

In a horrific incident, international Kabaddi player Sandeep Singh Nangal Ambian has been shot dead during an ongoing match in Mallian, Punjab on Monday. He was killed by unidentified assailants during a Kabaddi Cup at Malian village in Jalandhar at 6 PM. A youth was also shot in the leg in the attack.

The video of the disturbing incident has been surfacing on social media as a series of bullets were fired from a distance. The spectators at the tournament were seen fleeing from the spot.

According to sources, four-five miscreants ambushed Sandeep Nangal and opened fire. Around 20 rounds of bullets were fired on his head and chest. 

While the police are yet to provide any further details about the incident, netizens are speculating that he was looking after the major league Kabaddi federation and there was a possible rift between him and the federation or maybe with the clubs.

As for Nangal, he was a professional Kabaddi player and has played in the stopper position. He had started his career playing state-level matches and was known as ‘Gladiator’ by his fans. He had ruled the Kabaddi world for more than a decade and played in Canada, the USA, UK, other than Punjab.


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