‘Legend & God!’: Netizens get nostalgic seeing Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho reunite for an ad


From playing together as teammates ​in Barcelona to sharing the same space in ads as well, Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho have surely come a long way. While they are surely divided by teams, the friendship between the two continues to stay and now they were reunited in Pepsi’s new advert.

While many fans are feeling nostalgic, some are also questioning the video and the way it was edited. The video consists of the two football greats playing a game of ‘Pepsi Pong,’ with Messi and Ronaldinho going head-to-head. 

In the first part of the clip, Ronaldinho can be seen going for a shot and he sinks the ball in a cup. Messi soon replies in his sublime style – obviously with the aid of CGI – as he with one shot knocks in the three balls, with the Brazilian applauding his effort. 

Pepsi captioned the video as, “Leo Messi x @10Ronaldinho – the reunion we’ve all been waiting for.”


The 41-year-old also shared the clip online, tweeting: “Making magic with Leo Messi and my new favourite game,” while Messi took to Instagram and wrote, “Reunited with @Ronaldinho. Old friends, new game.”​​

While the edit was not to everyone’s liking, netizens still showered praises on social media as they loved the fact that Messi and Ronaldinho were sharing screen space yet again. 

Talking about Messi, he has starred in several Pepsi commercials over the years and has also featured alongside Paul Pogba and Raheem Sterling. In one of the recent ads, he was also seen with Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. ​

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