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Man, daughter duped of Rs 3 lakh in ‘railway job’ racket in Mumbai | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: A senior citizen from Dahisar and his 32-year-old daughter were duped of nearly Rs 3 lakh by two men who had offered to get her a placement with Railways. One of the accused posed as a ticket checker and would shuffle in and out of railway offices.
Dahisar police have registered an FIR.
The man told police he was visiting his hometown at Ratnagiri with his daughter last year when he met an old acquaintance. He told the complainant that his son, Santosh Rane, worked as a sweeper with Railways and had helped many find jobs. The complainant was keen that his daughter get a government job. The complainant dialled Rane, who was in Mumbai then. Through a conference call, Rane took Kailash Avghade on the line. He claimed that Avghade was a ticket checker.
“Avghade said he could get the complainant’s daughter placed as an accountant with the Railways but demanded Rs5 lakh. The complainant said he did not have so much money and bargained to Rs3 lakh,” said a police officer.
On June 26, 2022, Avghade demanded for filling up a railway form. The complainant paid Rs22,500. Eight days later, he demanded another Rs50,000, which they paid. In July 2022, Avghade summoned the complainant to CSMT. The complainant noticed Avghade move in and out of railway offices at CSMT, but he was never in a uniform.
“The demands for money continued. The complainant was told that only one position was vacant now, and if he made delays in paying up, it would cost his daughter a job,” the officer said. The complainant totally paid up Rs2.8 lakh.

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