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A man in the United States has filed a lawsuit against tech giant Apple for terminating his Apple ID, making him lose access to content that was worth $25,000, as per a report by AppleInsider. The plaintiff, Matthew Price, reportedly spent the above-mentioned figure on content attached to the Apple ID.
Apple terminated his ID for “an alleged violation of its terms and conditions” which made Price lose all the content attached with his Apple ID. The media content that he lost includes apps and in-app purchases, other programs and services. Price has also alleged that the Cupertino-based tech giant does not allow Apple customers to make use of the unused funds attached to their Apple account. The complaint was filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California.
In the lawsuit, Price has claimed that Apple terminated his Apple ID for “without notice, explanation, policy or process.” The lawsuit seeks a class action status against Apple and wishes “a permanent injunction barring Apple from engaging in the allegedly unlawful behavior; restitution of funds lost during account termination; damages; and attorneys’ fees.” Through the class action lawsuit, a National Class of people with the same grievances against Apple will come together.
Once Apple is made to reveal clearly what were the grounds on which it took the action to shut down the Apple ID of Matthew Price, there will be more clarity in the case. For now, the terms and conditions of Apple say that the company can terminate your Apple ID if it even suspects that you have failed to comply with its terms of conditions.

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