Mindbody Software Reviews 2021: A Gym Management, Cost, Demo


It’s no surprise Mindbody is highly regarded as the most popular fitness management software.

After trying it for a month, we couldn’t help but write a review and share its spectacular benefits!

With the Health & Wellness industry booming amidst a global pandemic, your clients’ health couldn’t be any more urgent.

The best way to do so? Get a software to help you manage and optimize your business operations. Good thing Mindbody has got you covered.

Let’s dive in!

Mindbody Business Management Software: Summary


  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Automated notifications & reminders
  • Detailed client profiling
  • Payroll tracking
  • Barcode scanning
  • Class scheduling
  • Facebook and website integration
  • Referral tracking
  • Attendance management

and so much more!


  • Offers a comprehensive set of features for businesses to optimize marketing and operations
  • Scheduling features are easy to use and add convenience to client management
  • App functionality allows user to manage appointments through their phones
  • Built-in marketing features help you build your clients list and expand your client base
  • Over 100 reports to analyze areas of improvement and revenue/loss
  • Comprehensive client history for better tracking
  • Good value for money


  • Due to the wide range of features, some may be unnecessary for some
  • The learning curve is quite steep
  • Subscribing to the full version with complete features can be pricey

Bottom Line

Features alone, Mindbody is a powerful business management software for small and large businesses.

With over 50,000 businesses subscribed to the software, it’s hard to say any software can match Mindbody’s features and benefits.

And if you thought that was a lot, just wait till you see the number of users they have on their app: 3.5 million to this date.

If you’re a small business looking to expand your client base, attract more clients, and manage your marketing and operations better, Mindbody is an excellent choice with great value for money.

One of its cons though is the learning curve. With so many features, you have to invest time and effort into learning how to use Mindbody.

However, once you’ve overcome this, anything is possible with this powerful software be it your gym, fitness studio, or martial arts school.

If you’re still unsure and need an in-depth review, keep reading! We’ll discuss Mindbody’s features in detail in the next sections below.

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Mindbody Reviews: A Closer Look on How It Can Help Your Business


The marketing features Mindbody offers is one of the software’s bread and butter functions, helping you attract clients easily, keep clients happy, and see which marketing efforts perform best.

Attracting and retaining new students



As with most management software today, it’s common to find social media features. So how does Mindbody stand out?

Here’s how:

  • Automated, personalized emails to bring inactive clients back
  • Use and customize campaigns to retain clients and satisfy their needs
  • Include promo codes and last-minute deals to acquire new customers
  • Keep track of each marketing campaign’s performance

The benefits as shown above are Mindbody’s most powerful marketing features. Keeping track of your campaigns can be useful especially when it comes to promo codes or last-minute offers.


Mind Body Review

As a result, you’ll be able to tell whether offering various class packages or buy one take one deal for your martial arts studio or gym are a better marketing strategy or campaign.


Scheduling features have always been an underrated feature in most software.

In this review, we intend to help you understand the value scheduling features have through the software Mindbody offers.

First, Mindbody allows you to see your entire schedule in one location. Although this may appear basic, it’s far from what you would expect.

The scheduling feature allows you to see all members subscribed to your martial arts classes, their remaining balance, and membership type.

This makes it useful to distinguish new members from recurring members and those who haven’t subscribed yet.

It even tracks the number of remaining classes each member has! Still think it’s basic?

In addition, class schedules can easily be viewed through your mobile app or webpage which gives members the ability to set the following:

  • Reserve spots
  • View the instructor’s name
  • Read a brief description of each class
  • Sign up for a waitlist in case classes are full (automatically updates when members cancel)

reviews mindbody

Overall, when you pair scheduling and marketing features together, it’s clear just how much control and management you can do.


Mindbody’s mobile app is yet again, another powerful feature added to the management software’s arsenal of tools to help boost your business.


Mindbody app for small business

With over 3.5 million users in the Mindbody app, how else wouldn’t you benefit from such an overwhelming number of potential customers?

Businesses can even add promos, gift cards, and deals through the mobile app. Want to hear our advice?

You should.

Mindbody reported businesses that added special promos and deals through the mobile app gain 45% more customers than those that don’t.

If you want to learn more about your customers, you can monitor how many customers are brought in through the app, along with other mobile sources by using the Client Acquisition Dashboard.

Take note, though. Placing your business on the app also makes it vulnerable to competition since users will be able to find your competitors through the app and possibly, sign up for their class.

Client Information & Profiles

The face of demographic marketing has drastically changed in just over 10 years since social media came into the picture.

Client profile is one of the many benefits that emerged from the study of demographics.

Is it useful? Yes.

Because maintaining client profiles allows you to provide each client with a smooth experience.

The software Mindbody provides businesses with is amazing on its own; however, with an organized feature that keeps client information accessible and convenient for monitoring, it gets even better.

You’ll be able to view the following:

  • Customer history
  • Membership status
  • Payments/Pending fees
  • Signed contracts
  • Classes attended before
  • Remaining class balance

What’s more is, all the customer information is updated in real-time so when a customer attends a class, this will automatically deduct from their remaining class balance.

Furthermore, you can keep a client’s credit card information saved to make it easier whenever a customer makes a transaction.

However, some members may not be open to having their credit card information stored.

Reports & Dashboard

Ah yes. Gone are the days where you have to spend hours and sometimes, days just to finish a report.

Technology has opened countless avenues and in this case, templates for businesses to use and analyze data.

Mindbody includes over 100 report templates to help you identify trends with ease and look at areas of improvement to generate more revenue.

However you want to view the data, Mindbody has it all.

For instance, in a martial arts studio, if you want to sort data by class, understand your income annually, or compare your revenue brought by various sources, it’s all possible with the Mindbody software.

Point of Sale

The point of sale feature is purposely meant to help you keep track of inventory and at the same time, make it easy for customers to transact purchases.

Through the point of sale feature, you can even quickly set up an online retail store.

Verdict: Is Mindbody Software for You?

Mindbody is an all-around, powerful management software that enables businesses to manage their customers better, improve brand exposure & visibility, and boost marketing campaigns & business functions.

For large businesses with a lot of membership plans and packages, Mindbody allows you to easily sort, segregate, and track each plan/package efficiently.

Plus, using the Mindbody app would be even more beneficial to scale and acquire more customers.

Finally, generating reports for large businesses will finally be less of a hassle.

With over 100+ templates, this can be a serious help for businesses in the Health & Wellness industry.

Now, what about small businesses? Can they benefit as well from Mindbody?

Of course it can!

One of the main concerns for small businesses is growing their customer acquisition base.

Whether its your martial arts studio, spa, salon, or gym, Mindbody features a wide set of marketing tools to help in this area, not to mention, help these businesses evolve!

Mindbody Pricing Structure

The pricing structure and plans vary depending on the industry you choose. There are 4 industries to choose from:

  • Fitness
  • Salon
  • Integrative Health
  • Spa

If you choose Fitness and Integrative health, the following pricing plans are as follows:

  • Starter – $129 per month
  • Accelerate – $259 per month
  • Ultimate – $399 per month
  • Ultimate Plus – $599 per month


mindbody pricing

If you choose Spa and Salon, the pricing plans are the same as Fitness and Integrative Health, except there are only 3 available plans:

  • Starter – $129/month
  • Accelerate – $269/month
  • Ultimate – $429/month


mind body price

With regards to value for money, Mindbody prices their plans offering great value in return; however, Ultimate and Ultimate Plus may be expensive for small businesses.

How to Get Started and Use Mindbody

Still not convinced? Why not give it a shot?

Sad to say, Mindbody does not come with a free trial, but you can get a free demo here.

Here’s a sneak peek of how to get started using Mindbody.

The first step is describing the type of business you’re in:


Mindbody Registration step 1

Next, Mindbody asks if you’ve launched your business already:


Mindbody Registration step 2

Third, Mindbody asks for your business’ name, postal code, and when you plan to launch it:

Mindbody Registration step 3

And finally, Mindbody will ask you to fill up some more information so you can request a demo:


Mindbody Registration step 4

And that’s it! Easy, right?


Overall, Mindbody provides a great value for money considering all the extensive features you get at the control of your fingertips.

Countless businesses have benefitted greatly from Mindbody and it shows in the reviews and results!

Despite the few cons such as its steep learning curve, it’s well worth it in the long run.

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