MP Pratap Simha urges people not to disrupt fencings on Bengaluru – Mysuru highway


After cases of fencing disruptions on Bengaluru Mysuru Expressway, Mysuru – Kodagu MP Pratap Simha urged the villagers to refrain from involving in such activities. He said that the animal movement is observed on the fully access controlled expressway and warned that it might lead to serious accidents on the highway.

MP Pratap Simha urges people not to distrupt fencings on B’luru – Mysuru highway(Twitter/ @nitin_gadkari)

Speaking to the reporters on Saturday, Pratap Simha said, “Bengaluru – Mysuru expressway is south India’s first fully access controlled highway which is why there are fencings on both sides of the road. I urge the people of Bengaluru, Mandya, Ramanagara and Mysuru to refrain from disrupting the fence for your comfort. If any animal gets into the expressway through the damaged part of fence, it might lead to a severe accident.”

Simha also said that the bracings on poles that are erected on the both sides of the highway are being stolen. “Along with the fencing disruptions, the bracings on the poles are missing and it is sad for me to complain about such things. All these are installed with your own money and they will also be re-installed with your money. Kindly do not indulge in any such activities and use the infrastructure mindfully,” he added.

Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March, the 119-km expressway was built for Rs. 8,408 crore. Of the total length, 52 km is a greenfield consisting of five bypasses to reduce traffic congestion. This project includes11 overpasses, 64 underpasses, five bypasses, 42 small bridges. The expressway also has six lanes with additional two-lane service roads on both sides.

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